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Karen Tribe Native Elephants

Karen Tribe Native Elephants

Karen Tribe Native Elephants is one of Chiang Mai’s top eco-tourism experiences. They offer ethical elephant-centred activities with a unique cultural twist: that’s because it’s a non-profit organisation that is managed by the famous Karen Hill Tribe of Mae La Kee.

The grounds are located amidst lush jungles, around 75 kilometres from Chiang Mai. This place is very special to the Karen Hill Tribe; for many generations, they have taken it upon themselves to genuinely care for the elephants.

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In the past, elephants were a beast of burden for local Thais, who have used them for logging and farming. But since they are no longer used in these industries, villagers can not afford to take care of them any longer. If they are set free in the wild, they may not survive, and this is why they are given such a good life at the elephant centre.

The main goal of the tribe is to give the elephants the best possible life by offering an ethical approach to animal welfare while preserving the natural environment. They cannot do this alone, so every visit will go a long way in ensuring that the elephants not only survive but thrive here. All contributions go to the elephants themselves, and what you get in return is an intimate experience with these beautiful animals to create priceless memories that you will remember forever.

Karen Tribe Native Elephants prides themselves in the quality of operations that they offer. There is no elephant riding or circus acts here. Instead, visitors can learn about the measures they are taking to safeguard the elephants; you’ll learn how to take care of them; and what goes into their daily routine. Members of the tribe will also personally meet you.

True to their commitment to eco-tourism, they only accept a maximum of 8 people a day. This way, you can reduce the environmental impact on the elephants while ensuring you get to spend more quality time with your elephants.

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What is the Karen Tribe Native Elephants address?
What are the Karen Tribe Native Elephants entry prices?
1 Day Trip Course
Shared Elephant (2 persons per elephant): 3,500 Baht
Own Elephant (1 person per elephant): 5,500 Baht

Overnight Trip
1 Day & Overnight Stay: 8,000 Baht

Overnight Trip – Tree Tent
1 Day & Overnight Stay: 8,000 Baht

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