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Land Split Pai

Land Split Pai

Land Split Pai is a fascinating attraction nestled in the northern city of Pai, located 3 hours north of Chiang Mai.

Land Split Pai is a naturally occurring crack in the ground that opened up mysteriously in 2008 and today is a popular tourist destination.

Land Split Pai Admission, Location & Distance from Chiang Mai, Thailand

The farmer on whose land the split occurred had a flourishing soybean farm until one day he woke up to a crack on his farm that was 7 feet wide and 23 feet deep. The natural phenomenon occurred with no logical explanation. What could have ruined the farmer’s livelihood was quickly turned into a tourist attraction, as the farmer decided to open his land up to visitors who can come and visit this unique attraction.

Once you arrive at this farm, you are welcomed by a warm smiling Thai man offering refreshing hibiscus juice as he explains the history behind the giant split. You will be offered a range of tasty food and drinks which are mostly produced from the farm and you will be able to take a walk over to the crack.

There is no entry fee to visit, but visitors are encouraged to make a donation to support the farmer who can no longer use this portion of his land. The Split is located just a few minutes of the 1095 Highway near a temple called Wat Phaem Klang. After you finish at the Split, you can head over to the Pam Bok Waterfall which is located just 3.2 kms away.

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What is the Land Split Pai address?
Travel south from Pai along Route 1095 for 4.5km
Look out for the signs to the Land Split and turn right and follow the road for 2km, Thung Yao, Pai

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What are the Land Split Pai opening hours?
What are the Land Split Pai entry prices?

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