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Lanna Traditional House Museum

Lanna Traditional House Museum

A visit to the Lanna Traditional House Museum will make you feel like you’ve taken a journey back in time.

Learn what local life and culture was all about during the Lanna kingdom, which dates back to several hundred years ago.

Lanna Traditional House Museum, Opening Hours & Prices, Chiang Mai

The museum was established by the Chiang Mai University as a means of preserving the important Lanna cultural heritage. It’s one of the most underrated attractions, but for many, that’s actually a blessing in disguise because the museum is never crowded with throngs of visitors. You’ll get to have an enjoyable stroll, relax in the lush outdoor area, and take in the interesting displays.

The museum features 12 buildings for you to explore, and a visit shouldn’t take you more than an hour. Each of the buildings provides a detailed explanation of the property in both Thai and English, which helps you understand how people back then lived in these houses.

The buildings are tucked amongst many trees and lush greens, giving it a truly peaceful ambience. The main house here is built with impressive details: there are whitewashed walls, spacious balconies, and a colonial feel. In fact, the museum is housed in a building which was established in 1932, when it was once a property of the Bombay Burma Company; famous teak merchants of their time. The oldest wooden building here dates back to 1907; they were rebuilt and then transported to add to the museum’s displays.

A notable feature in the museum grounds are the big Ceylon oak trees, which are believed to bring good fortune to those who reside in the household. Add this place to your Chiang Mai itinerary to understand a less-known but very special place. Near its entrance, you’ll find a small information centre, as well as a cafe selling simple food and refreshments. Feel free to explore at your own pace, and take photos as you wish.

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