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Maesa Elephant Camp

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Maesa Elephant Camp is an elephant park where they allow visitors to ride elephants and host elephant shows including playing football and painting. Those wanting to visit a park that does not allow riding should visit the Elephant Nature Park instead.

Daily tours are offered and the park is located in the Mae Rim, just 27 km north-west of Chiang Mai.

Maesa Elephant Camp, Ride & Show Tour Price, Chiang Mai Thailand

A typical tour will include pick up from your hotel, air-conditioned mini-van with the driver, drive 1 hour to the camp, change into mahout clothing, get up close with the elephants and feed them.

There are scheduled shows at the Maesa Elephant Camp. There are 3 shows per day: 8am, 9.40am and 1.30pm where visitors will watch elephants play soccer, throw darts, paint, massage their mahout and other demonstrations.

After the show, visitors can ride the elephants if they choose. A howdah (a carriage which is positioned on the back of an elephant) is used on the elephants back and two people can ride at a time.

Along Route 1096
Approx 9.5km south east from the Route 1096 & Route 107 Intersections
2km before you reach the Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden
Mae Raem, Mae Rim

Opening Hours
Elephant shows: 8am, 9.40am and 1.30pm

Phone Number
+66 53 206 247

Email Address

Ticket Prices / Admission
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Show: 200 THB
Child: 100 THB
Ride (2ppl): 800 THB

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