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Muang Mai Market

Muang Mai Market

The Muang Mai Market in Chiang Mai is the main market for wholesale fruit and produce shopping in the city.

It’s so large and the varieties available are so impressive that many who come feel that it may just be the best fruit market in the entire world.

Muang Mai Market Opening Hours, Map, Fruit & Produce, Chiang Mai

This isn’t your ordinary fruit market though: the market has a massive collection of around a dozen wholesale vendors within a large building, plus another 50 smaller vendors nearby selling even more produce.

This is where restaurants and other establishments around the city come to shop for their fresh fruits and vegetables at really low prices. And the best part is that they’re open to tourists too. Considering that you’re assured the lowest prices for produce here, this market is definitely worth a stop if you love fresh produce.

A majority of the vendors you’ll find here specialise in one or two kinds of items, so it’s ideal for you to pick up a basket and slowly work your way through the market. There’s an astounding variety of locally-grown items here, and it’s likely you’ll probably come across a few interesting fruits and vegetables that you may never have seen before.

On the western area of the market, you can pick up some meat like chicken, pork, and beef. There’s also fresh seafood laid out on ice; it’s a terrific place to shop for massive prawns, shellfish, crab, shellfish, and much more. And yup, you guessed it: this is also where Chiang Mai’s top seafood restaurants source their goods.

The Muang Mai Market is bustling with activity all day long. Anyone who’s interested in food and cooking will enjoy all the textures, colours, and availability of amazing Thai food products found at this market. You might want to spend at least an hour or two to explore all that this market has to offer.

The market is located on Wichayanon Road in the Chang Moi area of Chiang Mai.

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