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Muay Thai

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Muay Thai boxing is the most popular sports in Thailand and is, therefore, a great activity to enjoy while holidaying in Chiang Mai.

This fierce combat sport is conducted in stadiums all over Chiang Mai, with matches occurring across the city every night.

Chiang Mai Muay Thai Boxing, Training at Gym, Camps & Fight Matches

The three venues where you can go and catch Muay Thai boxing matches during your visit. The first is Thaepae Boxing Stadium. This is probably the best known and most popular stadium for visitors as there are matches held most nights. Tickets cost between 400-600THB, with VIP seating space costing more than the regular seats as they are closer to the action. You don’t need to book in advance, and there are traditional Muay Thai matches by men and women, as well as fun events such as blind boxing.

The other alternative for those who would like to enjoy Muay Thai Chiang Mai is to head to the Loi Kroh Entertainment Complex. This stadium is not as well maintained as Thapae Boxing Stadium but will have more locals watching matches here. Tickets cost around 400 THB.

The third venue is the Kawila Boxing Stadium which offers frequent matches. You will find young up and coming boxers competing at this stadium, so these matches are not so much for the entertainment of visitors. Tickets cost around 300-400 THB.

If you are interested in attending a Muay Thai Boxing match while staying in Chiang Mai, check with your hotel reception, as they will have the very latest information about days and times for the matches around the city.

If you are interested in doing Muay Thai Boxing training while in Chiang Mai, you can head to Maya Mall on level 5 where there is a modern training centre. Alternatively, there are many training camps which you can attend for some days or weeks for intensive training.

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