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Thapae Boxing Stadium

Thapae Boxing Stadium

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Muay Thai boxing is the most popular sports in Thailand and Thapae Boxing Stadium is the most popular place to view this sport while in Chiang Mai.

This fierce combat sport is conducted in stadiums all over Chiang Mai, with matches occurring across the city every night.

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Thapae Boxing Stadium is the best known and most popular stadium for visitors as there are matches held most nights. The fighters typically come from the competing gyms around Chiang Mai and are considered ‘career’ fighters which means that they fight for money, fame and titles.

Tickets cost between 400-600THB, with VIP seating space costing more than the regular seats as they are closer to the action. You don’t need to book in advance. Typically, Thapae Boxing Stadium hosts boxing fights every night from Monday to Saturday. The matches typically start at 9pm with seating open from 8pm.

There are typically five traditional Muay Thai matches fought each night, with both men and women competing. There are also fun events such as blind boxing. Blind boxing is a fun way to pass the time at intermission when 3-8 participants get in the ring with blindfolds on and try to knock each other down with overhand swings. There is no uppercutting here, but it is indeed a lot of fun and funny to way to fill the time between rounds.

You can arrive at the stadium any time during the day and purchase your ticket for that night, or you can arrive right on time to get a ticket. It is very rare that an evening will ultimately sell out.

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What is the Thapae Boxing Stadium address?
What are the Thapae Boxing Stadium opening hours?
Doors open at 8pm
Matches start at 9pm
Generally finishes at 11pm

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What are the Thapae Boxing Stadium entry prices?

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