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No Gravity – Indoor Climbing is the best rock climbing gym in northern Thailand. It opened back in April 2013, and there is over 500 square meters of climbing surfaces for both beginners and seasoned climbers.

If you’re an indoor climbing enthusiast or would like to learn more about it, this is the place to go in Chiang Mai.

No Gravity Indoor Rock Climbing, Prices, Address & Hours, Chiang Mai

There is no need to bring equipment with you because the gym is completely furnished with everything both kids and adults need for indoor climbing. The rental and sessions are very affordable, plus the trainers are skilled and friendly. Beginners can learn how to navigate various stages of rock climbing with the help of a guide, and who knows, it may even spark your new hobby!

The indoor gym has 370 square meters of walls that reach as high as 12 meters. Even expert climbers will be challenged with the routes presented here; some of them are a straight ascent while others feature inclines or obstacles to make it more exciting.

No matter what level you are, there will be a wall for you at this gym. Best of all, you won’t get bored here because the routes are changed continuously so there will always be a new challenge for guests who are looking to elevate their skills.

No Gravity offers different price tiers; there are one-day passes as well as memberships for one, three, and six months, and up to a year – although the belay service isn’t included in that price. They also offer thrilling climbing courses such as 1/2 day top rope climbing course, one day top rope climbing course, one day lead climbing course, and two days top lead climbing course. The prices for these courses are also among the best in Thailand, so you’re assured of reasonable rates and high-quality service.

The gym is located along Atsadathon Road in Chang Moi.

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What are the No Gravity opening hours?
What are the No Gravity entry prices?
Adult: 280 Baht
Child: 200 Baht
Belay Service: 100 Baht
Harness: 50 Baht
Shoes: 50 Baht

Please visit our website for more information on the No Gravity.
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