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Op Luang Gorge

Op Luang Gorge

The Op Luang Gorge is a scenic zigzagging river found within the national park of the same name.

Also known as the Thai Grand Canyon, this incredible lush forest is given life by the river; flanked by amazing teak forests and majestic mountains.

Op Luang Gorge Canyon, National Park Hours & Prices, Chiang Mai

If you visit during the rainy season, the gorge flows more rapidly and it’s a much more exciting time to visit the riverbanks. Here, visitors can have a picnic and relax for the afternoon; away from the blistering heat of the city.

After visiting the gorge, there are many other wonderful attractions to explore within the Op Luang National Park. The Great Canyon is found at the 17th kilometre of Highway 108, which encompasses the areas of Hang Dong, Ban Pae, Hot, and Chom Thong. Visiting the canyon will give you beautiful views of the park, lush forests, and majestic mountains.

Check out the Mae Bua Kham Waterfall, as well as the Mae Chan Waterfall – both of which have small pools where you can swim. The national park is also an important historical site in Chiang Mai, as scientists believe that it was inhabited by humans for over 28,000 years. Prehistoric cave paintings are still found here, which is a delight for history buffs and archaeology enthusiasts. Numerous ancient relics and artefacts have been discovered in this area, alongside parts of the river and throughout the national park. These artefacts are on display at the Krung Thep Museum located in Bangkok.

If you’d like to stay for a night or more, there are a few bungalows found within the park. Camp sites also cater to visitors, and there are tents available for rent. Some small food kiosks are also found in the entrance area.

To get to the Op Luang gorge, hire a taxi or songthaew from the Chiang Mai city centre. It will take you southbound and past the Doi Inthanon access roads.

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Adult (Thai): 20 baht
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Adult (Foreigner): 200 baht
Child (Foreigner): 100 baht

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