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Pai Canyon
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Pai Canyon

Pai Canyon, aka Kong Lan, is a natural rocky landscape which is located 8 kilometres from the township of Pai in northern-Thailand.

Pai Canyon is popular with photographers as well as being a challenging climbing spot with a number of challenging trails that visitors can traverse.

Pai Canyon (Kong Lan) Entry Fee, Walking Trail & Grand Hike, Thailand

Head to Pai Canyon at sunrise or sunset for the best views, but it is open all throughout the day. You can get there by taking route 1095 and heading south. There is a carpark with signage and a few stairs before heading up a 100-metre walk up a relatively steep pathway. You will then reach the first viewing area for the canyon.

Visitors can take an easy walk along the top of the canyon for the most part, but there are sections that drop down and climb up again. These prove to be a great challenge for those who wish to complete the whole circuit as you will need to get a little dirty to make the climb up using your arms as well as your legs!

There are significant drops on either side of the narrow ridges, so these hikes are not suitable for children or those that experience vertigo. Be sure to hike carefully as some of the trails can get a little difficult, but decent shoes and concentration will put you in good stead. For those wanting an easy walk, you can walk down the canyon to a point, and then simply turn back once you get to a climbing section.

Entry to the canyon is free. Make sure to bring your own water as there is none for sale at the canyon itself. You can also stop at Pam Bok Waterfall on the way back from the canyon into town which is a lovely spot to sit and relax.

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Route 1095
Approx 8km south of Pai and 2 minutes past Love Strawberry, Thung Yao, Pai

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