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Pai Chinese Village

Pai Chinese Village

Pai Chinese Village, also known as Santichon Village, is the cultural melting point for Thai culture and the Chinese way of life.

Located just 4kms west from the township of Pai, the Chinese Village has heaps of fun things for visitors to enjoy such as tea tastings, horse riding and shooting games.

Pai Chinese Village (Santichon Village) Ferris Wheel & Location, Thailand

The Yun Lai viewpoint is the star attraction in the village and is certainly the highlight. There is a small entrance free of 20 THB, but the view is worth it as you can see right out over the valley and at night, you will be rewarded with a fabulous view of the stars above.

The food here in the village is fabulous, and you will be able to try many authentic Chinese favourites. Try some steamed black chicken filled with herbs and other condiments, pork hocks or a signature salad. The dishes are often accompanied by a plate of boiled rice, China’s staple food.

Take a spin on the wooden ferris wheel which is powered by man alone. As you sit in the chair, three men will climb up onto the ferris wheel and will use their body weight to get the wheel turning. A truly unique experience. You can also try your hand at shooting a bow and arrow to try and hit a target, or can just wander around and take pictures of this interesting cultural village.

If you are interested in staying in the Chinese Village during your time in Pai, there are a number of authentic houses built out of mud and straw. The landscape is beautiful and the accommodation is cheap. So come and visit the Chinese Village on your next trip to Pai!

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What is the Pai Chinese Village address?
From the centre of town, head west along Chaisongkram Rd for 4km and follow the signs, Wiang Tai, Pai

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