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Pai Hot Springs

Pai Hot Springs

There are two Pai Hot Springs that you can visit on your trip; the first being Sai Ngam Hot Springs and the second known generically as Pai Hot Springs.

The Pai Hots Springs is the most popular and attracts the most tourists as it is located much closer to town and is easier to reach.

How to Get to the Pai Hot Springs, National Park Map & Directions

The Pai Hot Springs are located within a national park and have natural springs which offer visitors a chance to immerse themselves into the numerous bathtubs on location for a relaxing and rejuvenating trip.

The Pai Hot Springs are located south of Pai, not far from the Pai Canyon. There are several natural pools with varying degrees of temperature. Many locals also purchase eggs from the local vendors in baskets which can be left in the hot springs for around 15 minutes and then enjoyed as a snack! The Pai Hot Springs is open every day between 7am and 6pm and costs 300 THB to enter for foreigners.

There are many tours that can take you there for a fee, or you can self-drive or ride south down the 1095 highway. Cross over the Memorial Bridge and then turn left at the first road, which has Him Naam Pai Resort near the corner. Travel up this road for about 1km and turn right at the fork. The springs are only about 800 metres up the road.

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What is the Pai Hot Springs address?
South off Route 1095
Turn towards the Him Naam Pai Resort just after the WW2 Memorial Bridge
Follow the signs and follow the road north for 1.8km, Mae Hi, Pai

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What are the Pai Hot Springs entry prices?
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