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Pai Trekking

Pai trekking is a great activity for those who want to get into the heart of Pai, as much of the area is still undeveloped and covered in jungle.

There are many easy trails located around town, as well as some more difficult trails out to waterfalls and up the mountains over rugged terrain.

Pai Trekking & Jungle Hike with Guide, Price & Duration of Tour, Thailand

There are many local guides who can take you around Pai, or some treks can be enjoyed alone. For those intending to go on multi-day treks, it is best to use a local guide or tour company.

One of the most popular treks is the majestic Mae Yen Waterfalls which is located around 7 kms from Pai. It takes around 3 hours to hike there (each way) and the trail starts from dam near the entrance of Wat Pratat Maeyen. To get to this waterfall, you need to head past the bridge in Pai where you will take the second turn and proceed on for about 7kms. The waterfalls are nestled in the hills with a mostly flat terrain. The path that meanders through the valley cuts across the stream at various positions before you can get to the falls. As the path travels through the water at some points, it is best to wear shoes that can get a little wet.

The Pai Canyon is also an exciting trekking location which is suited to both beginners and advanced hikers. Visitors can take an easy walk along the top of the canyon for the most part, but there are sections that drop down and climb up again. These prove to be a great challenge for those who wish to complete the whole circuit as you will need to get a little dirty to make the climb up using your arms as well as your legs!

Check out the range of multi-day tours as well that will take you on elephant treks, through hill-tribes and discover the amazing wildlife living in Pai.

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