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Pha Chor Tourist Point

Pha Chor Tourist Point

The Pha Chor Tourist Point refers to a set of towering, majestic canyons located in the Doi Lo District of Chiang Mai.

It is one of the incredible highlights of the Mae Wang National Park; a jaw-dropping natural attraction that has formed over centuries.

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The canyons were a result of the Ping River changing its course in history, which had a dramatic effect on the topography of this part of Chiang Mai. Over time, the erosion and shifting created majestic soil pillars which now create a stunning, iconic landmark and a popular tourist attraction. Today, these canyons stand 30 meters high and form the backdrop of a beautiful forest canopy.

Getting to the canyons will entail a two-hour drive from Chiang Mai, and once you get here, you will be close to the Doi Inthanon National Park. The trip is a scenic one; so you’ll want to keep your eyes out for surprising attractions from the road. You’ll pass some small villages and rice fields; after which you reach an empty road.

Visitors can park their bikes at the canyon’s entrance, after which your journey by foot starts. Overall, the hike will take around 20-30 minutes, but a spectacular sight will reward you once you reach the canyons. There are some carved out trails, as well as a few dusty man-made stairs. Be sure to use footwear that is appropriate for hiking to ensure safety and comfort during the hike.

Once you get to the Pha Chor Tourist Point, you will know why it’s as impressive as it is. The massive sandstone canyons are a sight to behold, and they contrast beautifully with the bright blue skies.

If you’d like to check out the canyon from Chiang Mai, the quickest and most efficient way is to hire a car for the day.

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Adult (Thai): 20 Baht
Child (Thai): 10 Baht
Adult (Foreigner): 100 Baht
Child (Foreigner): 50 Baht
Car: 30 Baht
Motorbike: 20 Baht

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