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San Kamphaeng Hot Springs

San Kamphaeng Hot Springs

The San Kamphaeng Hot Springs is an excellent choice for a day trip not too far from Chiang Mai.

Located just 23 kilometres away from the city centre, it’s a popular destination among the locals and provides a wonderful opportunity to witness how the locals relax and unwind.

San Kamphaeng Hot Springs, Entrance Fee Price, Opening Hours & Map

The natural hot springs are found within a picturesque park, which has been well-maintained for many years. You’ll walk along with vibrant flowers and manicured grass gardens, with a paved pathway and several bushy trees providing shade from the hot sun. It’s a little off the regular tourist trail, but that’s what makes this place special.

The entire area is around 40 acres large, and there are lots of open spaces for picnics. The main draw here though is the therapeutic hot springs. Its sulphur content and the high temperatures have been used to heal diseases and are said to improve blood circulation. Since the springs are too hot to soak the entire body in, you can warm up by dipping in your feet and legs – this alone is sufficient to provide warmth to the rest of the body.

Another popular activity at the San Kamphaeng Hot Springs is to cook eggs. Yes, the temperatures are hot enough to do so! Buy a few at the entrance of the park, which are packaged in wooden baskets, which are then submerged. It’s a very interesting and unique way of cooking eggs, but this is how the locals have been doing it for many years now. Once it’s cooked, you can dine on the eggs or even picnic in one of the vast green areas.

Some mineral pools you can swim in, but if you prefer some privacy, there is the option of renting an entire room. Affordable massages are available here too.

The springs are located in the Ban Sahakon area of Mae On, and are open daily from 7am to 6pm.

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What is the San Kamphaeng Hot Springs address?
What are the San Kamphaeng Hot Springs opening hours?
What are the San Kamphaeng Hot Springs entry prices?
Entrance Fees
Adult: 100 Baht
Child: 50 Baht
Elder (Show ID Card): 50 Baht
Disable (Show ID Card): Free
Group Tour (Show Certification): 10% Discount
Car: 40 Baht

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