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Somphet Market

Somphet Market

The Somphet Market in Chiang Mai is a traditional market frequented by the locals and is highly recommended for travellers who are interested to understand more about authentic, local Thai cuisine and ingredients.

The market is also an excellent stop for having a cup of coffee or grabbing inexpensive snacks on the go.

Somphet Market Chiang Mai, Opening Hours, Map, Address & Fresh Food

Located off Moonmuang Road, most of the market’s customers are chefs who shop for fresh ingredients, as well as cooking school students. There are countless exciting sights, flavours, and textures to experience here; it’s unlike any other market you’ve been to before. You’ll probably come across several fruits and vegetables that you might not have seen in the past.

There’s freshly chopped meat, fruits, vegetables, and lots of cheap food and coffee stalls. It’s also the perfect spot for some people-watching during a lazy day in Chiang Mai. The locals make food for locals, so you can expect only the most delicious noodle dishes and other Thai delicacies when you’re here. Don’t be surprised if you end up having the best pad thai of your life in this unassuming little market.

Behind the food stalls, you’ll also find a few lanes of vendors selling non-edible goods: clothing, souvenirs, handbags, and much more at excellent prices. If you’re on the lookout for some reasonably-priced products, these quaint little shops are worth checking out.

What makes the href=”https://www.chiangmaitravelhub.com/attractions/somphet-market/”>Somphet Market special is that it provides a unique, truly local experience in Chiang Mai. Food and cooking enthusiasts will find it interesting. It’s also worth stopping by if you’re staying in self-contained accommodation and would like to purchase ingredients to create delicious meals.

The market is open daily from 5am to 7pm, so any time of day you need to shop or get a bite, come on over!

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