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Suandok Park

Suandok Park

Suandok Park is a popular destination in Chiang Mai, especially among local students.

There are several areas for visitors to relax and enjoy a decent, affordable meal within the commercial development; including some restaurants, fast-food joints, and coffee shops.

Suandok Park, Opening Hours, Stores, Food & Supermarket, Chiang Mai

If you are looking for a place in Chiang Mai that isn’t so touristy, this is worthy of a visit. Students also come here during their breaks to do their homework, although it tends to get crowded during lunchtime as numerous vendors pop up to accommodate the hungry crowd. Mornings and afternoons are generally serene here, and it’s a nice location for people-watching.

A small supermarket can also be found here, so if you need something small, you’ll be sure to locate what you need. There is also a post office and numerous facilities for virtually anyone who has a business in Chiang Mai. The best time to visit is during Monday and Tuesday evenings, which is when the complex lights up with the night market right across. It transforms into a bigger outdoor hangout and shopping area until 9:30pm.

Compared to other markets in Chiang Mai, Suandok Park night market is among the smallest but it’s also very charming. Visitors will find an excellent range of cheap food, as well as many stalls selling clothes, mobile phone cases, and other knick-knacks. It also has adequate seating so you can sit down to enjoy your meal in peace. You will be hard-pressed to find mediocre food here, since all the vendors offer amazing Thai and western dishes.

It offers a more intimate and unique experience that is worlds away from the famous Warorot or Walking Street Markets, but it’s still special in its own way.

The complex is located at the intersection of Siri Mangkalajarn & Suthep roads.

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What is the Suandok Park address?
Siri Mangkalajarn Rd, Su Thep, Mueang Chiang Mai

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