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Warorot Market

Warorot Market

Warorot Market is one of the most popular markets in Chiang Mai and for very good reason. It is located right near the Ping River, making it easily accessible for locals and visitors to Chiang Mai.

The market is famous for its array of traditional Thai foods from the northern part of the country. In addition to its sumptuous delicacies, this is the go-to-market when you need to find souvenirs and products that are unique to the region.

Warorot Market / Kat Luang Opening Hours Chiang Mai, Thailand

There are two sections to this market: Ton Lamyai Market and Warorot. The two are quite similar with the only dividing thing been the road that leads up to the market. Some locals also refer to the market as Kat Luang (Big Market) so keep your eyes out for any of these signs, because it can get a little confusing.

As with many traditional (and popular) markets, there are hundreds of vendors from whom you can purchase just about anything. There are three stories to this market, so don’t just get stuck browsing on the first floor and the best time to visit is early morning when the produce and meat are at their freshest.

There is a huge range of items available in the market, with the stalls separated into categories. You will find kitchen and household goods, religious items, clothing, bags, shoes, fabric and jewellery. You will also find rice, spices, fruits and vegetables by the kilo. You can also purchase ready to eat foods including fried chicken and pork and sweet snacks.

You can get to the market easily by walking from Tha Phae Gate or by taking a red truck (songthaew) from anywhere in the old city for just 20 THB per person.

Chang Moi Road
Chang Moi, Mueang Chiang Mai

Opening Hours
6am - 7pm

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What is the Warorot Market address?
Chang Moi Road, Chang Moi, Mueang Chiang Mai
What are the Warorot Market opening hours?
6am - 7pm
How much are the Warorot Market tickets?

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