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TCDC Chiang Mai

The TCDC Chiang Mai is a must-visit for anyone interested in design and creative work. It stands for Thailand Creative and Design Center, and it’s the first educational institution of its kind in Chiang Mai.

The school was established to promote creativity amongst designers, entrepreneurs, students, and just about anyone who’s interested in this line of work.

TCDC Chiang Mai Opening Hours, Times, Membership Prices & Address

To support their vision of promoting design and creativity, the centre has numerous world-class facilities and amenities. These include a library filled with an impressive array of design books, another library all for materials, dozens of different interesting training and seminar sessions, many exhibitions to showcase techniques and products, and much more.

The resource centre has an overwhelming amount of materials. From more than 9,000 volumes of various design publications, 1,000 resources in different multimedia formats, 80 periodicals, and more – there’s no denying that this is the place to be for creative in northern Thailand.

What’s more, they also have a Material ConneXion facility where students can learn about real materials that famous designers use; it utilises a material database with more than 8,000 kinds plus 300 rotating samples. Through their incredible facilities, it’s easier than ever for students to stay up to date with all the trends in the design world today.

Local entrepreneurs are also supported at the TCDC Chiang Mai through their design consulting services, as well as strategic business planning. Seminars and workshops focused on design and product development are also available. These services are designed to empower entrepreneurs and give them the tools and knowledge needed to make world-class products that are not only competitive but also high-quality.

The centre is located behind the Muang Mai Market, along Muang Samut Road, in Chang Moi.

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What is the TCDC Chiang Mai address?
What are the TCDC Chiang Mai opening hours?
What are the TCDC Chiang Mai entry prices?
One Day Pass: 100 baht

Yearly Member
Student: 600 Baht per year
General Public: 1,200 Baht per year

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