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Thai Elephant Conservation Centre

Thai Elephant Conservation Centre

The Thai Elephant Conservation Center is a government-owned and run Elephant Park that was founded in 1993 under royal patronage.

The Thai Elephant Conservation Center offers visitors opportunities to watch elephants bathe, watch an elephant show and allows riding of elephants with a howdah (2-person saddle/chair).

Thai Elephant Conservation Center Prices, Lampang Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Center is probably the cheapest Elephant Centre in Chiang Mai and is often visited by Thai families and school children. There are a number of visits available including a Day Trip option and an overnight option.

The Day Trip option offers a 40-minute show where the elephants will demonstrate logging techniques, will paint pictures, make music and demonstrate their agility. The shows are scheduled at 10am, 11am and 1.30pm. Visitors can also watch the elephants bathe at 9.40am and 1.10pm. Visitors can also view elephants in the hospital and can take elephant rides. The elephant rides use as howdah to ride the elephants into the forest. Rides can last 30 minutes or 1 hour. If you are interested in visiting a NON-RIDING park, check out the Elephant Nature Park.

The Overnight option offers visitors a homestay option where visitors will spend the evening staying at the home of the mahouts (elephant handlers) as you interact with an elephant during the day. There are also trekking programs where you learn more about the day to day life of the mahout and involves camping in the forest with the elephants overnight.

The Thai Elephant Conservation Center is located 70kms south from Chiang Mai in the Province of Lampang and is best reached by private car or taxi on the Lampang-Chiang Mai Highway.


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  • Hi. We had an amazing time here some years ago where we stayed a night or 2 in a cabin, learned to be mahouts, went out to the forest to fetch the elephants, rode them in the water, took part in the show…is this option still available??

    • Hi Bernadette,

      Yes, overnight activities are still available. The One-day Homestay Program (4,000 baht) begins with instruction from English-speaking staff, then riding your elephant, visiting the dung paper factory and hospital, lunch, bathing, watching the show, and more riding, including taking the elephant back to the forest.


What is the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre address?
What are the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre opening hours?
What are the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre entry prices?
Elephant Show
Child (Under 135cm): 100 THB
Adult: 200 THB

Elephant Riding
1/2hr (2 people): 500 THB
1hr (2 people) 1,000 THB

Please visit our website for more information on the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre.
What is the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre phone number?

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