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Tweechol Botanic Garden

Tweechol Botanic Garden

The Tweechol Botanic Garden is a must-visit for any nature and gardening enthusiast in Chiang Mai.

It was founded by Mr Taweesak Sesawech; a man who spent his years collecting some of Thailand’s most beautiful plants and flowers including rare species to fulfil his dream of creating this beautiful garden.

Tweechol Botanic Garden Opening Hours & Entry Prices, Chiang Mai

During its humble beginnings, the garden started out as a small fruit garden with a learning centre where people could come to learn about caring for cows. Over time, Mr Sesawech filled it up with vibrant trees, flowers, and plants. Today, it is one of the most incredible gardens in Thailand, frequented by locals and foreigners; even kids who come during a field trip to learn about the natural world.

The entire garden is around 48,000 square meters large, and it’s hard not to be captivated by all the colours, textures, and scents found all over the garden. There are orchids, cacti, tropical plants, bonsai, and much more. The large pond is clean and well-maintained, and a popular relaxation spot within the grounds. Some of the bushes and trees here have been cut to resemble certain figures and shapes, so as you walk around, see if you can identify any of them.

Aside from the impressive garden, animals also live at the Tweechol Botanic Garden. Go explore and see if you can find the ostrich, deer, swans, and camels. The museum is also worth visiting, as it displays a fascinating collection of amulets, weapons, and more from ancient times.

Because of the sheer size of this establishment, visitors are recommended to allow at least two hours if you want to see everything. Bike rentals are also available for efficiently getting around the park, with the best time to visit being in the mornings when the sun is still low and it isn’t too hot.

Other services and facilities include a large parking lot, swimming pool, private tours, boat tours, meeting and events centres, as well as accommodation in the on-site hotel.

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What is the Tweechol Botanic Garden address?
What are the Tweechol Botanic Garden opening hours?
What are the Tweechol Botanic Garden entry prices?
Adult: 86 baht
Child (Not taller than 135 cm): 43 baht
Group (20 or more): 70 baht

Bicycle renting (3 hours): 75 baht.
Bring your own bicycle: 54 baht

Swimming pool (Adult): 139 baht
Swimming pool (Child): 75 baht

Golf car or Electrical Samloa (1.5 hr): 321 baht

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