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Wat Chai Si Phum

Wat Chai Si Phum

The Wat Chai Si Phum is a beautiful historic temple located on the edge of Chiang Mai’s old city.

It’s most famous feature is the stunning, intricately carved golden facade. Although it’s one of the city’s numerous temples, what makes it special it’s that it’s lesser-known which adds to its tranquillity and serene environment away from the busy crowds.

Wat Chai Si Phum Address, Opening Hours & Temple, Chiang Mai

It may be a small compound, but the temple has a lot of ornate features worth seeing. The sparkling building is designed in traditional Lanna architecture and features a new ordination hall for monks, which is also open to tourists.

Drop by for half an hour to explore the temple and its amazing features to learn a thing or two about ancient Buddhism here. Before you go, it is advisable to ensure you’re wearing appropriate temple attire; avoid wearing tight-fitted clothing. Be modest and show respect by covering your shoulders and legs.

Taking note of proper temple etiquette when you travel to any of Thailand’s temples including the Wat Chai Si Phum will prevent you from committing any potential faux pas. One of the things you should know is that you will likely encounter a monk during your visit, as the temples serve as their place of work, as well as their home. Don’t ask a monk to take your photos, and if you have to hand out something to him such as ticket payment or a donation, put it on the ground and allow him to pick it up with his hand.

When you encounter Buddha images, it is considered respectful to remove one’s shoes unless you have already been directed to do so before entering the worship area. Be mindful of other people who are there to pray, and never turn your back on the Buddha statue.

The temple is open daily from sunrise to sunset, so there’s lots of time to include it in your itinerary.

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