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Wat Ram Poeng

Wat Ram Poeng

Wat Ram Poeng, also known as Tapotaram, is a meditation retreat for visitors who would like to tap into the power of meditation during their travels.

The retreat aims to provide insight as a way to prepare a path to a better, peaceful life through a clear understanding of oneself.

Wat Ram Poeng, Buddhist Meditation Retreat, Chiang Mai Thailand

Since its inception, the meditation centre has grown in leaps and bounds to attract visitors from all walks of life. The beauty about spending time at Wat Ram Poeng is that there is no discrimination regardless of one’s religion. The most powerful of all these is that meditation is recognised as a key medium in many religions worldwide.

The quiet location of this retreat centre makes it perfect for meditation. The facility is divided into two sections: areas secluded for the monks as well as other meditators. In response to growing demand, the facility has provided facilities for both locals and foreigners. Wat Ram Poeng offers a 26-day basic course in Vipassana (Insight) Meditation.

The availability of on-site accommodation also makes it a convenient tour since you do not have to disrupt your meditation sessions to search for a place to spend the night. Accommodation is offered on-site and is categorised into two sections to cater for both local and foreign visitors.

There is a dress code which must be adhered to. For men: loose, modest, non-transparent white trousers and a shirt with white underwear. For women: loose, modest, non-transparent white sarong or trousers, a loose white shirt with sleeves and a white ‘sa-bai’ (a white scarf, which is worn over the breast and around the shoulder) and white underwear is a must.

The day to day routine consists of a 4am start, where you wake up for practice. You will start with the mindfulness prostration, continue with mindful walking and then sitting practice. Breakfast at 6am, lunch at 10.30am

The management of Wat Ram Poeng has also made it possible to communicate easily with the staff as there is an English-speaking instructor and assistants. As a key element of excellent mental health, meditation is a great way to gain perspective during your travels. In Thai, this is a way of life, so get to enjoy the experience of a lifetime for an unforgettable vacation.


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  • Good day to you
    I am from Switzerland and would like to learn more about Buddhism. Your institution was brought to my attention by a friend. What I am looking for is a retreat for 7 to 10 days. Do you offer this also for foreigners?
    Thank you very much for your valuable feedback. Kind regards, Urs

What is the Wat Ram Poeng address?
A road west off Canal Road (Route 121)
Approx 2.5km south of the Canal Rd & Suthep Rd Intersection
If heading North, the road is on your left, about 300m north from the Tesco Express & 7-11, Suthep, Mueang Chiang Mai

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What are the Wat Ram Poeng opening hours?
What are the Wat Ram Poeng entry prices?
What is the Wat Ram Poeng phone number?

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