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Wat Sai Moon Myanmar

Wat Sai Moon Myanmar

Wat Sai Moon Myanmar is a colourful historic Burmese temple located in the old city of Chiang Mai.

It was built by the Burmese king Bayinnaung after he successfully conquered Chiang Mai back in 1558, so don’t mind the description on the temple’s gate which reads 1993.

Wat Sai Moon Myanmar, Buddhist Temple Address & Hours, Chiang Mai

You may have already visited many of Chiang Mai’s temples, but this one is different because it reflects classic Burmese architecture – especially in the small, shimmering golden stupas. It also serves as the residence of many Buddhist monks who come from Burma, and young people also come here to volunteer to teach English to the monks and young students.

It is a popular destination for tourists coming from neighbouring Burma as it is a symbol of the rich historical ties between both countries.

Visitors can appreciate the serene environment within the complex because it isn’t frequented by tourists as much as the other temples throughout the city. Much of the temple is decorated in vibrant red accentuated with gold paint, which is seen throughout the grounds and especially in the grand entrance. Both inside and outside the temple are dozens of incredible murals that aren’t seen in other temples, which in itself, make this one worth visiting.

Getting to Wat Sai Moon Myanmar is easy. It’s located on the south-eastern corner of the moat, and it can be walked from several points in the city centre. Alternatively, you can hire a songthaew to take you here from anywhere in the city. It is open daily during sunlight hours, and there is no admission fee.

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