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Wat Tha Ton
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Wat Tha Ton

Wat Tha Ton is a magnificent Buddhist temple complex at the Bat Thaton Village in Chiang Mai.

Located just a few kilometres away from the border of Myanmar, the temple is perched on top of a hill with beautiful views of the Mae Kok River and Ban Thaton village.

Wat Tha Ton Buddhist Temple Address Location & Hours, Chiang Mai

The temple features four levels filled with various stupas, statues, a brand-new pagoda on its top, and even a meditation centre. As you enter the temple, you can’t miss the overwhelming number of intricately-designed Buddha statues that come from different countries. The spiral staircase takes you to the top level, and the blue vault is designed with various Buddha images and a stunning orb flanked by two dragons.

In the first level of the temple, you’ll find the statue of the Chinese Goddess of Mercy, Guanyin. Here she is depicted with two arms, but ancient legend says that Guanyin had a thousand arms to help her help people who are suffering. A Buddhist school and the office of the abbot is also found on this level. On the second level is the ubosot, one of the most important features of a Buddhist temple because this is where new monks are ordained. On the third level is the massive white Buddha statue, and on level four is the Phra Nakprok building where Vipassana meditation is conducted. On the roof of the Wat Tha Ton is a giant seated Buddha and the mythical 7-headed Naga serpent.

The most striking feature of this temple is the newly built crystal pagoda, which can be seen from quite a distance. The colourful pagoda has a big green spire on top, and both sides of its entrance are embellished with golden Thewada figures against a red background.

Considering that most of the temples found in the rest of Chiang Mai are usually crowded with visitors, this temple is a breath of fresh air because of the absence of other people. Here, you can come to meditate and reflect, while appreciating the tranquillity of your surroundings.

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What is the Wat Tha Ton address?
Route 1089

Near the intersection of Route 1314, Tha Ton, Mae Ai

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