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Kok River

Kok River

Kok River is the major river in Chiang Rai and its waters originate from the mountains at Burma flowing through the province and draining in Mae Kong River.

The river has always played a fundamental role in the economic growth of the province for the simple reason that cities have been founded on the river’s banks.

Kok River Boat Cruise Tour to Bridge & Resort Chiang Rai, Thailand

The river’s course is dotted with reed trees and it is likely that this is the origin of the river’s name; the name kok is derived from ‘Ton Kok’, the local name for reed trees. Today, the highlight of Kok River has to be a relaxing boat ride that will take you along the river’s course, allowing you to marvel at its majestic view as it snakes down towards Chiang Saen.

Typically, your boat ride will kick off from Karen Village at a spot known as the Mae Fah Luang Bridge Port. The influx of tourists has made this yet another attraction along the river, so you may choose to spend a day here. During your stay here, you can indulge in the culture of the hill tribe as well as get souvenirs.

You can then proceed with the boat ride, taking stops at designated locations for visitors to soak in the natural beauty of this location. Alternatively, take boat rafting if you are looking for an adrenaline fix. Other activities include kayaking and sightseeing along Kok River.

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What is the Kok River address?
The Kok River flows from the Daen Lao Range in Myanmar to the Mekong River in Ban Saeo on the Thailand / Laos border, Wiang, Mueang Chiang Rai

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