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Chiang Mai To Krabi

Chiang Mai To Krabi

There are a number of ways to get from Chiang Mai to Krabi including taking a flight, bus, overnight train or a combination of all these options.

Krabi is located on the south-west coast of Thailand, around 800km from Bangkok and 170km from Phuket. Overnight bus and train travel offer the most affordable options, with flights being the quickest and most efficient way to travel.

Best Chiang Mai To Krabi Flights, Bus & Train Routes, Ticket Prices

There are numerous direct flights every day from Chiang Mai to Krabi. The flights are only a short 2 hours in duration and cost around $150-200AUD. The standard pre-paid fare to hotels in Krabi Town is 350THB per car which can seat up to 3 people (with small luggage). If travelling with 4 or more people, you can get a minibus for around 1000 THB.

Travellers can also opt to take a bus or train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok and then catch a flight or connecting bus to Krabi. Travellers should note that there are no train services between Bangkok and Krabi. The closest train station is in Surat Thani, so a bus is the best option if you intend to travel by land.

Buses for Krabi leave from Bangkok’s Southern Bus terminal and most buses offer overnight service. The duration of the trip is around 10-12 hours and cost between 600-900THB depending on the type of ticket chosen. Not all buses have toilets on them, so ask before purchasing your ticket. Upon your arrival in Krabi, you can catch a taxi to your hotel.

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Flight Chiang Mai - Krabi ฿ 1,556–5,091 2h 5m – 1d 2h 55m
  •   Economy 06:35, 08:00, 09:25, 10:10, 10:30, 11:50, 12:20, 13:55, 14:35, 14:40, 15:30, 16:15, 17:20, 18:15, 19:45, 20:00, 21:10, 22:25

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