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Chai Prakan

Chai Prakan is a district located at the northern area of the Chiang Mai province in Thailand. Its neighbouring regions include Chiang Dao, Phrao, Fang, and Mae Suai. On the eastern side of this district is the majestic Khun Tan Range, which extends from north to south.

The district is further subdivided into four other subdistricts: Pong Tam, Si Dong Yen, Mae Thalop, and Nong Bua.

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Located around 145 kilometres from Chiang Mai, this district is a popular stopover for travellers and tour groups who are on their way to nearby attractions in Doi Ang Khang, Tha Ton, and Fang. It was originally founded back in the year 973, which makes this city incredibly ancient. It was once part of the Sinhanavati Kingdom, although the city collapsed in 998. If you are interested to learn more about the long, rich history of this area, visiting the archaeological site at Fang is highly recommended.

There are a handful of hotels here, as some travellers enjoy the feel of going off the tourist track. Chai Prakan is ideal for that because this destination isn’t touristy at all, and it allows you to get close to authentic rural life in northern Thailand. There are also several excellent local restaurants around the area.

Nature enthusiasts will enjoy visiting Doi Ang Khang, which is located nearby. This area is known for its beautiful mountains which straddle the border separating Burma and Thailand. It is also home to an agricultural research area established in 1969 by King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Known as the Ang Khang Royal Agricultural Station, the lush landscape is filled with various fruits, produce, and flowers.

Fang is also nearby, which is home to some of Thailand’s highest mountains, making it an attractive destination for mountain climbers looking for some serious adventure this side of the country.

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