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Doi Lo is a district of Chiang Mai that is bordered by Chom Thong, San Pa Tong, Mae Wang, Pa Sang, and Wiang Nong Long in the Lamphun province.

The district is divided into four sub-districts, which are divided further into 54 villages.

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Most of the locals residing here are employed in agriculture, fishing, and farming. There are picturesque landscapes to be discovered which have been left untouched by tourism, making it a quaint destination for visitors who’d like to take a peek into authentic local life in rural Thailand.

However, this locale is best known for the majestic Pha Chor, also known as the Grand Canyon of Chiang Mai. It’s one of the top attractions within the Mae Wang National Park; a natural formation of rocks that were created after the Ping River changed directions thousands of years ago. A real example of what nature does over time, the Pha Chor is a must-see attraction while here.

The rock pillars are over 30 meters in height, and the surrounding forest canopy is equally impressive. Once you reach the top of the canyon, there is a viewpoint that rewards you with breathtaking panoramic vistas of the lush, rugged landscape. The Mae Wang National Park is just an hour’s drive away from Chiang Mai, which makes it an easy day trip from the city.

After visiting the canyon, check out the Mae Wang River where visitors can ride on bamboo rafts. Kayaking and tubing are also popular here, and it’s surrounded by verdant vegetation and hills that are the home of the Karen and Hmong hill tribe villages.

Another attraction here is the Ganesha Himal Museum; an unusual but exciting establishment that was built dedicated to Ganesha, the Hindu deity. The entire museum is filled with shrines, displays, pools, and gardens with images of Ganesha, while its architecture is a combination of Lanna, North Indian, Balinese, and Islamic styles.

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