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Doi Tao

Doi Tao is a district located in the southern part of Chiang Mai Province; best known for its beautiful natural lake and several other surprising attractions for the curious traveller.

To get the most out of this stunning location, it’s recommended staying a night or two.

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The Doi Tao Lake is the most famous attraction here. It’s no ordinary lake; it’s surrounded by populations from a variety of ethnic groups who support themselves through farming and fishing. Some of the locals have also put up restaurants and small accommodation nearby.

The attractive scenery and cool, crisp weather make it a refreshing getaway, especially during the warmer months in Chiang Mai. Visitors can choose from lodging options around or on the lake itself, as the raft houses on the water provide a unique accommodation experience that both locals and tourists enjoy.

Visitors can enjoy many activities in and around the lake. It can be explored through a boating tour, but you can also revel in the fun outdoor experiences that include swimming, fishing, and leisurely cruising around. Friends and families can unwind here, and order freshly cooked seafood and other local delicacies. Small stalls found here sell souvenirs as well for you to take home.

Part of the spectacular Mae Ping National Park is also found in Doi Tao. The Mae Ping river meets the Bhumipol reservoir, located south of the lake. The area surrounding the bodies of water, as well as the mountainsides, provide excellent terrain for trekking and hiking.

This district is less touristy than Chiang Mai itself, and that’s what makes it so unique. Despite that, everywhere you go is so picturesque because it’s full of natural attractions.

To get here, you can ride a motorbike or hire transportation from the Chiang Mai city centre.

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