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Mae On is a district in east Chiang Mai, and although it’s rarely visited by travellers, this part of Chiang Mai is famous among rock-climbing enthusiasts, as well as curious visitors who enjoy venturing away from the tourist trail once in a while.

It’s best known for being home to the Crazy Horse Buttress; one of northern Thailand’s most celebrated limestone cliffs.

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Located in the Khun Tan Range, the Crazy Horse Buttress was once a secret among the rock climbing community, but since the year 2000, it has grown tremendously in popularity because it was featured in the book; “A Guide to Rock Climbing in Northern Thailand”.

The climbing site was developed by Chiang Mai Rock Climbing and The Peak, two famous local companies who have mapped out many routes for novices and professionals to climb. The routes are already equipped with boltings so that all you need to do is show up and get climbing. They also offer excursions to the routes, as well as equipment rental.

Beyond the breathtaking karst limestone cliffs, there is much more to explore. The region’s wilderness is nothing short of impressive; beckoning visitors to come and discover its natural beauty. Just follow Highway 1006 which takes you up to the mountains, and you will arrive at the unique Huay Kaew Market, known for its tree markets.

The Mae Takrai National Park should not be missed. The jaw-dropping scenery here is remote and untouched, which is what makes it truly special. There are luxury and budget accommodation options nearby for travellers who enjoy immersing themselves in the wilderness.

The Tharntong Falls is located a little after the national park, which features a modest waterfall that is safe enough for kids to swim in. Mae Kampong is also worth checking out; a small eco-village with a handful of homestays.

With all these exciting attractions and activities in Mae On, there’s no reason not to visit while you’re in Chiang Mai!

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