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Mae Sai

Mae Sai is a town located on the Thai / Myanmar border and located close to the famous “Golden Triangle” district.

Those travelling up to Mae Sai can take the route 108 from Chiang Mai which joins up to the main highway via route 1. This road comes to the Thai border at the Mae Sai River which crosses over to the town Tachileik in Myanmar.

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It can be difficult for foreign nationals to cross the border into Myanmar here, as customs officers are wary of border runs. However, if you intend to give it a try, go through the Thai immigration at Mae Sai and then follow the signs over the bridge to the Myanmar immigration officers. The visa prices is 500 THB or 10 USD.

Other than being a border city, Mae Sai doesn’t attract that much tourism, however is a picturesque location to make a quick stop, as the area is green and mountainous.

There is a large open open-air market as well as a number of temples. Head up to Doi Wao Temple which is high up on a hill. You can walk up a number of stairs to reach the temple, or there are motorbikes which will take you to the top for 10 THB. The views are beautiful as you can view the mountainous Thailand to south as well as Myanmar’s many temples that dot the landscape.

To get to Mae Sai from Chiang Mai, catch a mini-bus from the Arcade Bus Terminal. The trip will take around 5-6 hours and will cost around 400 THB each way.

There are various guest houses and hotels located in this region, so click the link below to explore the range of accommodation options available.

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