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Chiang Rai Hostels

Chiang Rai Hostels

Hostels are one of the most convenient and inexpensive options for accommodation when staying in Chiang Rai.

The best part about Hostels is that you can easily book online in advance of your trip, or simply arrive in Chiang Mai and go door to door. There are so many Chiang Rai Hostels available!

Best Cheap Chiang Rai Hostels & Accommodation in the City, Thailand

Hostels have several advantages over other readily available forms of accommodation. Not only are they more affordable, they also offer a casual lodging option where you can meet other travellers.

Many hostels offer dorm-like accommodation with bunk beds which sleep 4, 6 or 8 people. These rooms often have shared bathroom facilities, lounge and kitchen areas. Other hostels offer private rooms with ensuite bathrooms and shared lounge facilities. You would be hard pressed to find a hostel that DIDN’T have free Wifi, so you can rest assured that the internet is readily accessible. Some hostels also have pool tables, swimming pools and small bars.

Happynest Hostel will be your happy place during your stay in Chiang Rai as this famous hostel offers air-conditioned rooms with complimentary Wi-Fi services and round-the-clock assistance. Huen Chan Thip, which offers similar services, is also worth checking out the next time you are in Chiang Rai.

Another alternative is the Fun D Hostel Chiang Rai. A clean and modest hostel, you are assured of a comfortable stay during your stay in Chiang Rai. Other options include Mercy Hostel, Big Butter Hostel and the Target Residence, all located within the city centre.

So click the link below to explore the full range of Chiang Rai Hostels and book a room online today!

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