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Pai Hostels

Pai Hostels

Hostels are one of the most convenient and inexpensive options for accommodation when staying in Pai.

The best part about Pai Hostels is that you can easily book online in advance of your trip, or simply arrive in Pai and go door to door. There are so many Pai Hostels available!

Best Pai Hostels & Cheap Accommodation, Thailand

Hostels have several advantages over other readily available forms of accommodation. Not only are they more affordable, they also offer a casual lodging option where you can meet other travellers.

Many hostels offer dorm-like accommodation with bunk beds which sleep 4, 6 or 8 people. These rooms often have shared bathroom facilities, lounge and kitchen areas. Other hostels offer private rooms with ensuite bathrooms and shared lounge facilities. You would be hard pressed to find a hostel that doesn’t have free Wifi, so you can rest assured that the internet is readily accessible. Some hostels also have pool tables, swimming pools and small bars.

Take time to sample Pai Garden, a popular hostel where the locals love to interact with the visitors and some even offer to act as tour guides. This is a phenomenal experience particularly if you are keen in going off the beaten track. Some of the social amenities at Pai Garden include a pool table, a pingpong table as well as a dart board.

Alternatively, head to Dorm Pai Hostel, a quiet getaway in a friendly location. Other options available for hostel seekers include Common Grounds Pai and Burger House.

During low season, the hostels are readily available, making it possible for visitors to enjoy extended stays. During peak tourist season, you may need to make reservations well ahead of your trip to secure a place. Click the link below to book a Pai Hostel today!

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