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Chiang Mai Saturday Night Market

Chiang Mai Saturday Night Market

The Chiang Mai Saturday Night Market is also known as the Wua Lai Market and is held from 4pm to midnight each Saturday evening.

The market is located just 600 metres south of the old city on Wua Lai Road. The road is closed off during the market so that stalls can be erected on the street and pedestrians can stroll along the road.

Saturday Night Market Walking Street Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Saturday Market stretches for a kilometre to the south of the city. This expansive stretch means that the market isn’t overly congested. There are plenty of items for sale at this market including handicrafts, artworks, bags, earrings, clothing, household items, shoes, belts, candles and ornaments.

A trip to this market is incomplete without indulging in the street food. There aren’t many restaurants located in this area of Chiang Mai, but there are plenty of stalls selling a huge array of street food. Try some of the local Thai dishes on offer which are cooked to order.

After walking all afternoon, stop for a massage at one of the pop-up massage parlours here. Rates are super cheap with a 1-hour foot massage only costing around 150-200 THB. There is also heaps of entertainment with singers and dancers busking along the street.

You can get to the Chiang Mai Saturday Night Market by walking just 600 metres from the south gate of the old city. Head straight down Wua Lai Road. Alternatively, a red truck (songthaew) will only cost between 20-40 THB from Tha Phae Gate or a tuk-tuk will be around 100 THB. Bring plenty of cash with you, as there are limited ATM’s in the area.