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Doi Ang Khang

Doi Ang Khang

Doi Ang Khang has earned its reputation as Thailand’s own Switzerland, a fact that can be attributed to its cool climate and scenic mountain peaks.

Doi Ang Khang is located on the northern Thai/Burmese border and is best known for its beautiful mountain ranges making it a popular location for hiking and trekking.

Doi Ang Khang Location & National Park Trekking Tour, Chiang Mai

Most visitors travelling to Doi Ang Thang head to the national park. Close to the peak, you will find the Royal Agricultural Station. This station teems with different plant species that flourish in this cold climate. In front of the Agricultural Station is a Bonsai Garden, with the best times to visit is between November and January.

Make sure to head over to the lookout at Kiew Lom. Arrive early as the mist and early morning sunshine provide for a beautiful environment which will produce some amazing photographs. There is hot food being sold here at a number of stalls so you can grab something tasty to eat as you watch the sunrise.

Some fun activities to enjoy in the national park is taking walking tours, mountain bike riding and viewing the beautiful waterfalls located here.

There are also two accommodation options located here, Angkhang Nature Resort and Angkhang Villa. You can get to Doi Ang Khang by car or private tour and it takes around 3.5 hours from Chiang Mai.

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What is the Doi Ang Khang address?
The main viewpoint is off Route 1249 at the top of the mountain
Doi Ang Khang is on Highway Route 107 (Chiang Mai-Fang). Turn left at the 1249 intersection and proceed east for a further distance of 20km, Mae Sun, Fang

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