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Elephant Jungle Paradise Par

Elephant Jungle Paradise Park

Elephant Jungle Paradise Park specialises in offering ethical elephant encounters in Chiang Mai. All the elephants they work with have been rescued from logging and riding camps, and now you can get to spend time with these gentle creatures while supporting their welfare.

This attraction prides itself in offering only cruelty-free activities for tourists to appreciate elephants in their natural habitat.

Elephant Jungle Paradise Park, Full & Half Day Tour Price, Chiang Mai

The park was established by a man named Kinny, who is also the current coordinator today. After spending some time learning how to care for elephants, he decided to open the first elephant sanctuary of his generation. He travels through Thailand to rescue elephants from the abuse they suffer from working in logging camps and other tourist attractions. Kinny’s mission is to give the elephants a new life where they can live being treated with kindness and respect so that they can live long, healthy lives.

They offer a full day elephant encounter program that starts at 8:30am with pick up at your hotel or preferred meeting point. Once you arrive at the park, you will be given a history lesson where you can learn about elephants and their behaviours. Get to walk alongside these creatures, instead of riding on them (a harmful practice still present in Thailand’s tourism industry) through the beautiful jungles, and finally, you get to participate in an exciting activity where you get to feed them. Then, it’s time for a delicious Thai lunch.

Afterwards, guests will also learn how to make elephant medicine, followed by bathing in a natural mud spa. The Elephant Jungle Paradise Park ends the tour with guests and elephants both enjoying a delightful swim in the waterfalls before returning to Chiang Mai.

If you are looking for ethical and fun animal encounters, this should be on your list!

South-West Off Route 1013
Roughly 9km off the main road
Mae Win, Mae Wang

Opening Hours
Times vary for each tour type

Phone Number
+66 92 295 3419

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