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Lahu Village

Lahu Village

Lahu Village is a small hill tribe community that allows visitors entry so that they can learn about the traditional Thai way of life.

While visiting Lahu Village, you will head out into the lush green mountains and see houses built out of wood and bamboo, with chickens and pigs roaming around and plenty of smiling faces to greet you.

Lahu Village Hill Tribe Village, Between Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai

A tour through the village and one of the first things that you will notice, is the religious diversity. The residents of Lahu ascribe to various religions including Christianity, Buddhism as well as Animism. This diversity has led to the creation of remarkably different sanctuaries.

You will be able to see the famed long-necked women who have brass coils wound around their necks and you will be able to observe them as they weave, knit and embroider a variety of items. There are plenty of items for sale, so prepare to be approached by young children sent out to try to make a sale. If you are not interested in purchasing anything, a polite no or shake of the head is all that is required.

Some tour companies offer guided tours to these hill tribe communities, but if visiting solo, entry is 300 THB per person and accommodation is often available in the form of simple guesthouses with open plan living spaces.

Two-week Thai massage courses are also taught here with foreigners often coming to live the simple life of the hill tribe, whilst learning this new skill. The two-week program 12,800 THB and includes accommodation, food and classes.

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What is the Lahu Village address?
Off Highway Route 118
The turn-off is 1.2km south-west of the Chiang Rai Hot Spring
Travel south along this round for 10km
The signage for the village is quite small, so look out for the signs for the Limeleaf lodges, Mae Chedi Mai, Wiang Pa Pao

Please visit our website for more information on the Lahu Village.
What are the Lahu Village entry prices?

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