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Phu Chi Fa Forest Park

Phu Chi Fa Forest Park

Phu Chi Fa Forest Park is an amazing destination nestled in the jungle located some 1628 meters above sea level.

This natural setting is one not to be missed as it boasts one of the best sunrises you will ever experience.

Phu Chi Fa Forest Park, Sunrise Mountain Hike/Trek, Thailand

The forest park is located in Thoeng of Chiang Rai Province. To get there, you must drive 2 hours from Chiang Rai and then hike 30 minutes up to the peak. Given you need to be at the top before sunrise, the drive and hike must be undertaken in the dark.

The best time to leave Chiang Rai is between 2.30am and 3am. It will be very cold at any time of the year, so make sure to pack appropriate clothing (jackets, gloves and beanie). Hiking shoes are best, as the terrain can be difficult in the dark. Make sure to pack torches or headlamps, as otherwise, you will find the walk far more difficult than it needs to be!

Once you reach the summit, there will be a sea of fog that surrounds the mountains that will start to lift as the sun rises. The sunrise will take around 1 hour to fully emerge, so find yourself a comfortable spot and enjoy the view.

Accommodation is readily available, as there are many guesthouses, luxury resorts as well as natural camping sites that you can choose from. Phu Chi Fa Forest Park has so much to offer, so make plans to tour the park on your next visit to Chiang Rai.

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What is the Phu Chi Fa Forest Park address?
Route 1093
Roughly 100km and a 2 hour drive east of Chiang Rai, Tap Tao, Thoeng

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