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Chiang Rai Resorts

Chiang Rai Resorts

Resorts in Chiang Rai offer a luxurious form of accommodation for visitors who would like to splurge on their trip while enjoying the warmth of Thailand.

Chiang Rai Resorts come with a huge range of amenities for guests, so your choice is only limited by your budget!

Luxury 5 Star Chiang Rai Resorts & Mountain Accommodation, Thailand

Anantara Resort and Spa Golden Triangle Chiang Rai is a popular resort, thanks to its picturesque views and charming surroundings. You also check out Katiliya Mountain Resort and Spa, a prestigious resort nestled in the hilly ranges of North Thailand and surrounded by the most scenic forests. Enjoy the different cuisines as you take in the magnificent view at sunset.

It is impossible to talk about resorts in Chiang Rai without talking about Imperial golden Triangle Resort. The resort is tucked away in a magnificent mountain setting that allows you to take in some of the most panoramic views in Thailand. Alternatively, sample the A-Star Phulare Valley, a beautiful resort that changes the game as far as Thai warmth and hospitality is concerned. The verdant surroundings make this an amazing getaway. The River House Resort on the other hand, is located on the banks of River Kok, and offers you stunning views during your stay.

Staying at any Chiang Rai Resort is the hallmark of a special Thai holiday, so make sure that you get the most of your vacation; a memorable way to cherish travel plans to this tropical paradise. These resorts should be booked early in the high season (December – January) as the weather is cooler and tourists flock to Chiang Rai by the thousands. Click the link below to browse the range of resorts available in Chiang Rai.

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