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Wat Chedi Liam

Wat Chedi Liam

The Wat Chedi Liam is one of Chiang Mai’s most beautiful temples.

Also known as the Chedi Ku Kham, this magnificent 13th-century Buddhist temple was built by King Mengrai of back when Chiang Mai was part of the Lanna empire.

Wat Chedi Liam History, Opening Hours & Address Location, Chiang Mai

The temple was built under the orders of King Mengai back in 1288, which was eight years before the establishment of Chiang Mai. It mirrors the Mon Hariphunchai style of the Wat Ku Kut of Lamphun, which is the old capital of the Hariphunchai Kingdom, which the king was able to conquer.

The temple is built on a square base, featuring a stepped pyramid with 5 square tiers. Each of the tiers features three niches, which house no less than 60 images of the revered Buddha wearing a yellow robe. The main difference from the Wat Ku Kut is that all the standing images of Buddha are similar, but in this temple, the Buddha’s right hand is in varying poses. The temple has a lot of intricate details, including the arches found above the niche of the 2nd and 3rd tier, where you will find the conjoined bodies of mythical serpents. On the other hand, the arches found in other tiers are embellished with beautiful flowers, reminiscent of the typical Lanna design.

The chedi was restored in 1908 by a Burmese trader. This is why many features of the wat have notable Burmese influences. It also underwent another renovation in 1992, which also included other improvements. But regardless of its age, Wat Chedi Liam is one of the best-preserved temples of Chiang Mai. Today, it is still widely used in the same manner as the later wats are, such as establishing weekend markets nearby.

The temple is in Wiang Kum Kam park, south of Chiang Mai’s city centre and near the eastern bank of the Ping river.

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