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Wat Gate Khar Rnam

Wat Gate Khar Rnam

Wat Gate Khar Rnam is a small and charming temple in Chiang Mai. Located on Charoen Rat Road, the temple has hundreds of little exciting details to discover.

What makes this temple unique from most of the others in northern Thailand is its strong Chinese influence; evident in the dominant red colours and the design used.

Wat Gate Khar Rnam History, Opening Hours & Address, Chiang Mai

The Chinese were inhabitants of the area many moons ago, and the temple features numerous elements that you won’t find in other temples in Chiang Mai. The monk’s quarters are some of the most beautiful you’ll see; intricately designed with beautiful carvings. Teak is also used extensively throughout the temple; one of the landmark elements of Lanna culture. There are also several bells with a sweet sound found throughout the temple.

Another renowned aspect of this temple is the many dog statues because the temple was built to pay homage to dogs. Almost every kind of dog breed is represented here throughout the many statues, so if you love dogs, it’s worth a visit.

The temple’s main hall is decorated with awe-inspiring murals and mosaic patterns. It also houses a small museum, and together, these two destinations make for a wonderful, relaxing day trip around Chiang Mai.

As with other temples in Thailand, when visiting, observe proper etiquette and decorum. Start by wearing the right clothing, which restricts skin-tight clothes as well as shoulder and leg-bearing apparel. Without appropriate attire, visitors may be restricted entry to the temple. It is also considered polite to remove your shoes, hats, and sunglasses before entering.

If you come across a monk, make way for them as they pass. Women should also practice caution not to touch monks because otherwise, they would have to undergo a lengthy cleansing ritual.

There is no entrance fee to visit the Wat Gate Khar Rnam temple, but donations would be appreciated for its upkeep.

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