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Wat Saen Fang

Wat Saen Fang

Wat Saen Fang in Chiang Mai is a magnificent temple with interesting features.

It is one of the lesser-known temples of the city, but definitely worth a visit especially if you’d like to see its impressive details and architecture up close.

Wat Saen Fang Temple, Opening Hours, Address & Attire, Chiang Mai

Built in the 14th century, entering the temple feels like you’re entering another dimension completely. It is still, quiet, and tranquil; with a nearly divine-like ambience everywhere you turn. You can’t miss its tall, red cast-iron gates and the naga-fringed alley just off Tha Phae Road. The ordination hall is adorned with impressive sculptures of mythological spirits, which are called kinaree: these are majestic half-human, half-bird creatures.

The temple’s first chedi underwent renovation during the period of the Burmese occupation. The white, bell-shaped body is enhanced with the use of sparkling, colourful glass mosaic and finished off with a charming golden umbrella. But that’s not all; there’s so much within this temple that will stimulate your senses. Keep your eyes peeled for the more than 40 stupika that are located on top of the low wall, which encloses the pedestal base. Dazzling gold and red hues adorn the viharn pediment. It once served as the royal residence for the 6th prince of Chiang Mai, Chao Kawilorot.

Wat Saen Fang is a highly-recommended attraction in Chiang Mai. Not only is its beauty exquisite, but spending time to see the many temples in the city is part of what gives Chiang Mai its unique character. These numerous wats, or temples, form the foundation of the city’s history because they were built by kings during ancient times as a symbol of power, wealth, and devotion. Temples are central to the faith of the people, back then as much as it is now.

The temple is located along Thapae Rd; just a 500 metre walk east from Tha Phae gate.

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