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Mae Sariang

Mae Sariang

Mae Sariang is a small town that borders Yuam River on the Thai / Myanmar border in the north-west province of Mae Hong Song, Thailand.

Mae Sariang is fast becoming a popular location for weekend visits for those staying in Chiang Mai, as it can be reached by bus in only 4 hours.

Mae Sariang Attractions, Hotels & Guest House Accommodation, Thailand

The presence of hill-tribe settlements is one of the reasons why tourists will make the effort to tour this location. The settlements, mainly nestled in the northern part of the town, are the perfect place to get in touch with the locals and see how they live in these rural communities.

The southern part of the town is a forested area that is home to two national parks. There are a number of local tour companies that will take you on a trekking tour through the forests where you can encounter the local wildlife and the many hill tribes. Treks cost around 400 THB per person which gets you a half day your and your own personal guide.

Other attractions that you may be interested in include the Mae Sariang Museum, an elaborate structure whose shape was inspired by the structure of Thai temples. The museum is home to artefacts that show Thailand’s rich culture. You may also want to check out Wat Si Bunruang and Wat Jong Sung, two distinct Burmese temples where devout locals gather to worship.

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