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Chiang Khong

Chiang Khong is a town in the province of Chiang Rai; often overlooked by travellers because it is usually just a stopover point for people heading for Laos.

However, this small but charming town has a lot of hidden gems to offer the adventurous traveller who is willing to get off the beaten path.

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The sleepy town sits on the opposite side of the legendary Mekong. From here, one can get to Luang Prabang by taking a half-day bus or a two-day slow boat journey. The population living here are incredibly diverse; it’s a mix of hill tribes, Laotian, and Thai people. This is why there are three calendars, as well as an abundance of festivals throughout the year.

Not to be missed is the Hmong village and the nearby waterfall, which are called Huay Tung. The residents of the area make up the Khamu hill tribe. Getting here will require biking and hiking, and you’ll need proper footwear to get to the waterfalls.

If you find yourself here sometime between November to February, wake up early on the weekend to witness the monks collecting alms at the Waterfront promenade. You have the option of giving them some or solemnly observing from the streets.

There are also several beautiful Buddhist temples around town. The most notable of these include Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Luang, and Wat Narang. The town was also placed on the world map when, in 2010, British cyclist Alan Bate broke the Guinness World Record for circumnavigating the earth on a bicycle. Bate has made this town his home, and he is responsible for opening several establishments in town; including the Hub Pub, a Hub Bicycle Museum, and a hostel.

The best time to visit Chiang Khong is October onwards, and the Songkran New Year festivities in April.

The town is easily accessible by bus from Bangkok, Chiang Rai, and Chiang Mai.

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