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Phu Chi Fa

Phu Chi Fa is a region that consists of mountains and national forest park and spans the north-east border between northern-Thailand and Laos.

One of the most popular locations to visit is the mountain at dawn where you can catch the sun rising over the misty hills first thing in the morning.

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Phu Chi Fa can be accessed from two directions. The first is from Chiang Kham, a 2 hour drive that takes you through the scenic countryside. The road network is in excellent condition, but tourists driving themselves must be careful because the road is steep. The second route is through Chiang Rai, although this is a longer route. Due to the nature of the road, visitors are advised to hire powerful cars, preferably 4WDs.

One of the most common phenomena at this park is the ‘sea of mist’. This popular attraction is enough to get you up at dawn if only to catch a glimpse of the marvel that is the fog-covered hilly ranges. If you love to trek, this mountain provides the perfect opportunity to do so. Plan your tours beforehand to make sure that you have adequate supplies, and more importantly, warm clothing.

At the park, tourists can also get a glimpse of various wild animals, including deer, civets and boars. Bird lovers will also enjoy the diverse birdlife present, making it easy to spot different bird species such as magpies and canaries.

There is no better place to enjoy the views from one of the tallest peaks in the northern part of Thailand than to make your way to Phu Chi Fa. Its remote setting makes it a spectacular experience, one that you cannot afford to miss out on the next time you visit Thailand.

There are various guest houses and hotels located in this region, so click the link below to explore the range of accommodation options available.

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