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Chinatown Chiang Mai

Chinatown Chiang Mai

The bustling Chinatown in Chiang Mai is where you’ll find an overwhelming amount of sights, smells, tastes, and textures – all waiting for you to discover.

The area is actually spread out across the east part of town, best known as the Warorot market, found on Chang Moi Road and extends to Ratchawong, Tha Pae Road, and the nearby Ping River.

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The labyrinth of alleys found in the north of Chang Moi road is where you’ll find many wholesale vendors and shops. The hill tribe and Hmong market is found between the Kuang Mane and Chang Moi Tat Mae roads, and the flower market is found fronting the Ping River.

Right in the centre of all these is the Warorot market itself; a covered shopping area filled with dozens of stalls and vendors selling mostly food, as well as other goods at really cheap prices.

Don’t miss out the buildings found on Wichayanon street, which is connected by a footbridge. There are dozens of more shops to discover here, spread out across the three storeys. On the ground floors, there are food items both fresh and dried (a great place to shop for local ingredients and your favourite Thai condiments and seasonings to take home); while household items and clothes are found on the upper floors. The centre of the buildings is an open area, which you can see from any of the upper levels or mezzanines, revealing a flurry of activity and shops.

The buildings are open from 6AM to 6PM, although the street markets outside are busy for longer than that. The food here is an impressive range: everything from fried insects to produce coming from all parts of the country, as well as goods from China and Burma. Come hungry because the food stalls here sell terrific, cheap local fare.

While you’re at Chinatown, check out the small temples around the Warorot and Ton Lam Yai bazaars. There are also small Chinese apothecaries, as well as Chinese jewellery vendors, which stand out thanks to their bright red design.

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