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Iron Bridge Chiang Mai

Iron Bridge Chiang Mai

The Iron Bridge in Chiang Mai is one of the city’s most well-known landmarks.

A majestic creation made out of steel, it has an old feel to it but it’s actually modern – built as a homage to the Nawarat Bridge, which was taken down during the ’70s.

Iron Bridge Chiang Mai History, Address, Bars & Restaurants, Ping River

The area around the bridge is very picturesque – definitely worth visiting and taking a few photos. However, the best time to go is right before sunset. You get amazing sunset views from here, plus the bridge lights up in spectacular colours once the sun goes down. You’ll also pass the bridge on the way to the night market, and during the later hours, it transforms into a lively area filled with lots of young locals who come by to hang out.

It makes for a scenic walk exploring the parts of Chiang Mai frequented by locals as opposed to tourists. There’s a charming riverside cafe where you can have a nice Thai coffee, or indulge in inexpensive local food.

While you’re in the area checking out the Iron bridge, it’s also a good opportunity to discover what the rest of the Wat Ket has to offer. Check out the Wat Ket Karam Museum, which is also nearby one of the best local restaurants for the legendary khao soi dish. Stop by the Elephant Parade House, or head over to the other side of the river.

The Riverside is one of the most charming areas of Chiang Mai, and it’s so close to the bridge. It has a unique old-world feel to it that you won’t find elsewhere in the city which is now filled with lots of modern amenities and establishments. Stroll by the Mae Ping River, and watch the locals fish for food. Then make your way to the Warorot day market for some shopping before you leave.

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