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Wat Loi Khro

Wat Loi Khro

Wat Loi Khro is one of Chiang Mai’s many ancient temples with a rich history.

Located on Loi Khro Road, the temple isn’t as touristy as many of the others in the area despite being on a busy street.

Wat Loi Khro, Temple Opening Hours, Address & Dress Code, Chiang Mai

The temple’s history goes back to 1456 when it was constructed during the rule of King Kue Na, who was the 6th king of the Lanna Kingdom’s Mengrai Dynasty.

In 1774, Prince Kawila of Lampang released Chiang Mai after several years of bloody war. Years of warfare and the Burmese occupation resulted in a deserted Chiang Mai, where most of the buildings were in ruins. But in 1802, Prince Kawila became Chiang Mai’s new ruler after he paid homage to the King of Thailand, which back then was known as Siam.

Kawila’s rule is recognised as the period when Chiang Mai underwent revival and reconstruction. This is why this temple is notable in local history, and plays a role in the Chiang Mai that we know and love today. Under Kawila, both Lamphun and Chiang Mai were repopulated while he and his troops visited neighbouring cities to persuade people to come and live in either of the two cities. This was how Kawila was successful in spreading sovereignty over many townships including Chiang Tung, Chiang Rung, and many others that are found in the Salween valley.

By 1804, Kawila acquired Chiang Saen from the Konbaung Dynasty, which was the last one that reigned over Burma. Historians assume that it was during this period that the villagers residing in Ban Hom near Chiang Saen then relocated to Loi Khro and began reconstructing the Wat Loi Khro.

The temple is conveniently located near the popular night market of Chiang Mai and can be accessed by foot, or local transport.

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