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Chiang Dao

Chiang Dao is one of the 25 districts (amphoe) of the Chiang Mai Province and is located in the northern part of Thailand on the border of Myanmar.

Home to a sprawling national park, caves, waterfalls, hill tribes and many elephant rehabilitation centres, Chiang Dao is a great place to stay on your next visit to Thailand.

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Many of the people that live in Chiang Dao are members of various hill tribes which include Hmong, Yao, Lahu, Lisu, Akha and Karen people. This district is very mountainous and there is a large national park located here called Pha Daeng National Park (aka Chiang Dao National Park) which covers 1,123 km2.

Probably the most popular activity to enjoy here is exploring the Chiang Dao Caves. There are over 12 kms of tunnels and caverns filled with stalactites which are absolutely spectacular and two main routes to explore for travellers. You can tour the large well-lit caves by yourself with a 200 metre long trail that finishes at a Buddha statue.

Alternatively, you can go a little deeper with a guide who will take you down a twisty darkened 700 metre long cave. A guide is only 100 THB per group (plus tip) and is well worth the expense to go a little deeper. Make sure to BYO torch and wear non slip shoes. Also, make sure to cover your knees and shoulders as this is a place of worship. You can rent a sarong to cover your legs for 20 THB if need be.

Another amazing thing to do whilst in Chiang Dao is to head to the national park and visit the Pong Arng Hot Springs and the Sri Sungwan Waterfalls. There is also a Tuesday morning market in town which runs for about 500 metres along Route 107. Here, you can purchase handmade crafts, clothing, bags, shoes, kitchen items, flowers, food and drinks.

There are lots of options for accommodation in Chiang Dao, as there are plenty of welcoming guest houses, bungalows and retreats located here. Click the links below to explore the many accommodation options in Chiang Dao.

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